dětské oblečení z organických (bio) materiálů - zatím připravujeme, prodej probiotických salátů

What does it mean organic

fakta o názvu organické/á v zemědělství, pěstitelství, výrobě

Anything that comes from a plant or animal (contains carbon) can be classed as organic in nature, but often artificial chemicals and synthetic products are added to alter or help speed up natures normal growth rate. For this reason organic on this site refers to animals and plants, and the products made from these animals and plants, that have been grown/manufactured without chemicals, synthetic fertilisers, or genetically modified parts.

When something is certified organic it means that a qualified certifying body has examined the farming/husbandry method on site, or accepted that another qualified agency has, and that the manufacturing of the certified raw ingredients is carried out in an organic environment, using only organic processes. You have to comply with a set of industry standards in order to be certified organic. It can take up to 3 years to gain organic certification (during which time the farm and it's products are classed as "in conversion").